Did Ashley Judd have plastic surgery?

The first thing that you will notice about Ashley Judd’s face is how much it has changed over the years. Her face went from being round and youthful to being narrower and more angular now, which leads me to believe that she may have had some work done on her face. A few years ago, I would have bet money on this being a natural change as she got older, but having seen so many celebrities go under the knife in recent years, I’m starting to wonder if their faces really look like this naturally or not!

Ashley Judd’s face has changed over the years

It’s undeniable that Ashley Judd has undergone some serious changes over the years. It’s easy to see in photos that her face has gotten smaller, more defined, and more adorable—but it’s hard to tell exactly what she had done.

There are two schools of thought on how much cosmetic surgery Ashley Judd has had: one is that she only went under the knife once or twice in her life; the other school says she’s been getting work done since before she hit Hollywood.

Either way, it seems like a pretty safe bet that your plastic surgeon will throw you out on your ear if you ask him or her to make you look exactly like Ashley Judd did during her My Life As A House days (in case anyone was thinking about doing something like this). That being said, there are definitely ways that plastic surgeons can use their skills to give people an overall younger appearance without going full-Juddian with the procedures themselves.

Dr. Youn thinks Ashley Judd has had fillers and a lower facelift

Dr. Youn said he thought Ashley Judd had used fillers in her cheeks and around the mouth. He also thinks she might have had a lower facelift, which tightens the skin under the chin. However, this is less likely than either of the options mentioned above because it’s more invasive and isn’t usually done on both sides of someone’s face at once.

Since Dr. Youn didn’t see any scars from a neck lift, he thinks that option is unlikely for Ashley Judd as well.

Dr. Youn also suspects that she may have had a neck lift

If you have sagging skin on your neck and you want to turn back the clock, a neck lift is a great option. But before committing to this procedure, make sure that it’s truly necessary for you. Although a neck lift can help correct drooping of the jawline, it’s not right for everyone—and when done at the wrong time or by an unqualified doctor, it can do more harm than good.

In general terms:

  • What is a neck lift? A traditional “anchor” or “end-on” strip technique involves making incisions along each side of the chin and removing excess fat from under the chin as well as from under both ears in order to create an overall thinner appearance. A newer variation called “free flap” surgery involves working with tissue layers deep within your face so that parts of them aren’t visible on the surface level after surgery.* Why should I consider having one? If you’re unhappy with how gravity has affected your facial features over time (specifically those around your mouth), then a neck lift may be right up your alley! This procedure can also help reduce jowls (aka bags under the eyes) while tightening loose skin around lips.* How do I know if I need one? Very simply put: if age has taken its toll on those areas below chin level and made them appear saggy or droopy rather than youthful & well-defined; then yes—you probably could benefit greatly from this procedure

Dr. Youn says Ashley Judd looks her best right now.

Ashley Judd has been in the spotlight for decades, and Dr. Youn says she looks her best right now. “She’s aging gracefully,” he said. “She looks more natural and less plastic than she did when she was younger.”

Dr. Youn agrees with this assessment, saying that Ashley Judd is aging well because of her choice of surgery and how long ago it was performed. “It seems to have worked out very well for her,” he said, “and I don’t think there is anything else that needs to be done at this point.”

Dr. Youn notes that some people might disagree with his opinion on Ashley Judd’s appearance—especially those who prefer younger faces or want a fuller look when it comes to lips—but he thinks most people will agree with him about how good she looks now compared to before her surgeries were performed

Ashley Judd’s changed face could be due to plastic surgery, but she’s wise enough now not to go overboard with it.

Ashley Judd’s face has changed over the years. This is especially true when you compare her current face with her earlier, pre-plastic surgery days. In fact, Ashley Judd looks completely different now than she did in the past.

To understand how much Ashley Judd’s face has changed over the years and why it might have happened (whether or not Ashley had plastic surgery), we’ll first look at what happens to our faces as we age and then examine some of her specific differences before and after plastic surgery speculation began to swirl around her name.


By looking at Ashley Judd’s face over the years, it’s clear that she’s had some work done on her face. She looks great right now and has definitely grown into her features. Dr. Youn says that she looks her best when she doesn’t have too much filler in her cheeks or eye area because then she can show off more of her natural beauty!

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