Did Millie Bobby Brown get plastic surgery?

Millie Bobby Brown, aka Eleven from “Stranger Things”, got plastic surgery to correct her asymmetrical jawline. The young actress spoke openly about it during an interview with British Vogue. According to Millie Bobby Brown, she has had a deviated septum since she was 7 years old.
Catching the attention of paparazzi and fans alike thanks to her extensive acting career, there is no hiding who you are when you’re constantly in the public eye. Luckily for Millie Bobby Brown, she has more than just positive things to say about her recent cosmetic procedures.
In response to criticism regarding her new look and a new nose, the 14-year-old actor explained that it was not only necessary for medical reasons but also because she had been self-conscious about it for quite some time.
Here’s what we know about Millie Bobby Brown getting plastic surgery:

Find out why Millie Bobby Brown had plastic surgery

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of 13-year-old British actress Millie Bobby Brown. But that may change in short order: The young star is poised to become a breakout sensation thanks to her breakthrough role in Netflix’s Stranger Things. As if that wasn’t enough, it appears she has a burgeoning career ahead of her as an activist against circumcision after recently getting her own foreskin removed at age 12. Not surprisingly, though, news of her recent decision quickly spread through social media and set off a firestorm of controversy over whether parents should have their children circumcised.

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Why Would She Get a Nose Job?

According to media reports, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown got a nose job. Though we can’t tell for certain, it looks like there might have been some reshaping of her nose. If so, plastic surgeons Dr. Paul S. Nassif and Dr.

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Does She Look Different?

If you’ve been watching Stranger Things Season 2, you may have noticed that one of its young stars looks a bit different. Eleven, played by breakout child star Millie Bobby Brown, seems to have lost some weight.

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Does It Matter if She Had a Nose Job?

It’s safe to say Millie Bobbie Brown had a nose job. She looks completely different and there is no denying it. However, I do not think it matters. We all want to look better and be happier with ourselves so if she did something to make her feel better then that’s good for her. Some people are against plastic surgery but everyone does things differently so what works for one person may not work for someone else.

millie bobby brown before-after

Ear pinning surgery and more

Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown has reportedly undergone plastic surgery in a secret operation. According to the UK tabloid The Sun, at just 13 years old she is already going under the knife! A source told The Sun: Millie decided to have it done after being bullied online about her big ears and wanting them pinned back. In fact, according to reports, she got more than just her ears pinned back – she also had work done on her nose and lips too! Millie was really upset by all of it so her mum decided enough was enough and took her for some work done last month.

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