Pierre Aubameyang’s hair transplant

Pierre Aubameyang, a French soccer player, recently underwent a hair transplant. He has shown how his debt has affected his career and the club. He has become well known for his pace, finishing, and off-the-ball movement. In addition, he is known for the way he celebrates his goals. He has also worn a variety of hairstyles over the years.

Pierre Aubameyang’s hair transplant procedure

Pierre Aubameyang’s hair is now a lot thicker than it was before his hair transplant procedure. The Gabon striker had a thin and patchy hairline when he was playing for Arsenal, but that changed after he underwent the procedure. He had it done at the Wimpole Clinic in London. Although the procedure went well, it is not clear whether Aubameyang will start against Leicester City on Sunday. This match is crucial for Arsenal, as the team needs to win to maintain their top-four ambitions. They currently sit one point behind Chelsea and have three games left to play.

Aubameyang has been the subject of a lot of media attention, and his new look has certainly caught the attention of fans. His hairstyle has even caught the attention of teammate Alexandre Lacazette. The striker last played against West Ham United last weekend but struggled to make an impact on the game. Arsenal was unable to get a point from the game and had to settle for a draw.

Did Aubameyang get a transplant?

The footballer Pierre has been seen talking about what happened to his hairstyle. Like other athletes, he likes to change the way he looks in different ways from time to time. For example, Aubameyang is always seen with a fresh afro box cut, but during the pandemic when there was no way of getting a trim, the former Arsenal player obviously refrained from DIY haircuts. Many trolled him for this, and we also believe that his hairstyle would not be liked by anyone. Because of this, his fans who have followed him for years have also noticed that his hair has changed. Was it a hair transplant or just a hairstyle? Let’s compare Aubameyang’s hair to find out. According to some sources, Aubameyang has been influenced by rap culture. When did he have a hair transplant? It appears that his hair started to recede when he was in Dortmund. Scrolling down his Instagram account, we suspect that his hair started to recede.

Possible complications of hair transplantation

While most patients will be completely fine after Aubameyang hair transplantation, some may develop complications. Patients may experience ischemia, or a lack of blood flow to the transplant site, which can occur when the patient remains in bed for a long time. In order to prevent this, patients are advised to take breaks during the procedure and rest for at least an hour. Another common side effect is mild to severe pruritus at the recipient site. This can be treated with a topical steroid. In more severe cases, patients may take antihistamines.

Infections associated with hair transplant

The first thing that you should know about the infections associated with Aubameyang hair transplant surgery is that they can be treated. You should take certain precautions after the surgery to avoid infection. Usually, you will be given antibiotics shortly after the surgery to prevent infection. However, this medication is not absolute protection, so you should also be extra careful to avoid contact with other people and liquids.

Infections after a hair transplant are extremely rare. This is because hair transplant surgery is performed under the skin, and this creates a hole that is a pathway for pathogens to enter the body. If your immune system is compromised, the risk is even greater. Additionally, improperly sanitized tools may introduce bacteria into the wound. It’s also important to keep your scalp clean to prevent infection. Excessive crust formation can cause itching and infection. Scratching the area can also dislodge scabs and transmit bacteria.

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